The salt spray laps at our shores 

The same way it laps at yours,

Miles of land separate us 

Yet unite us from bow to stern

Of our beloved state.

Your children are our children

Your loss is our loss.

As the current sends warm waters

Our way ever flowing,

Never changing, we must.

We must shift like our shore moves.

A dune one day and flat land the next.

The salt on our skin is not 

The spray of the Atlantic or Gulf blue.

Today, it is our tears,

It is our fears. The relief and -

Overwhelming sadness that it’s 

Not my child today and it should

Have never, ever been yours.

Or your husband, or your father

Or your son or daughter.

We must unite as the body of 

Water flowing around and through us

Shift our mindset like the sand 

Beneath us. We must fight. 

We must adopt the attitude of

Our fearsome predators and bite 

Down on that which resists change

And force it to see us. Force them

To acknowledge our fear. 

To acknowledge our rage.

To acknowledge our pain. 

We must demand more, accept less, 

And rage when the boulders in our 

Sand refuse to shift. We must 

Rise up like our shorelines and

Swallow them whole. 

Salt-life should never be the 

Taste of tears on cheeks but

Smiles and sunshine in the sand.

We must protect the weak.



Action Requires Attention

Action Requires Attention