Who Will Remember

Who Will Remember

"Who?" The question sits unanswered 

Waiting on my tongue to be free.

Who will remember our time together

When it's just you with no more me?

Will you remember that filter?

As you are quite obsessed.

Or can I tell you a story about 

This bible my granny possessed?

Who will remember my memories 

If the ones I made no longer have time

Too obsessed with snaps and texts 

To listen to me recite a line 

From my favorite book of poetry 

As I stoke a lock of hair 

They're desperate for validation

Not realizing at our age no one will care.

Can I have just a moment, son?

Of your undivided gaze 

Can I tell you about the time 

I got lost in a Halloween maze?

Can I take you to one this year so we 

Can make memories of our own?

I promise to listen to every word 

Of you gushing on the way home.

Just one more time I ask,

Who'll remember my memories

When I'm not here to tell the tale?

Will you have paid enough attention to me

Or the way that filter makes you pale?

I'd like to hold your hand across the table

The way my granny and I used to 

As she told me all the stories 

Of what her mother used to do

But holding hands and talking seems 

Like a thing of our past 

When memes and friends and silliness

Seem to be such a blast.

Can I have a little time before 

You're grown and move away 

To give you all of my memories 

And be the reason that you stay.

Vegan Dirty Rice

Vegan Dirty Rice